Magneti Marelli Aftermarket Parts & Services is commercially organized to serve, in the global market, three Distribution Levels: National level-importers, Regional-level Distributors (Wholesalers) and Local Distributors (Dealers).
We offer Technical Assistance, Professional Telematics, Telematics & Accessories and Performance Tuning sub-divisions.
At national level, our products are commercialized by means of specialized networks.
The Electro-mechanics Network distributes, through Authorized Spare Parts Dealers, the product lines for maintenance and repair segments.
The Body Network distributes, through Dealers and Body Specialists, the product lines for the collision repair.

The Service Network supplies workshops, with Diagnostic Devices, Workshop equipment, Technical Training and Call Center Services through the network of authorized spare parts dealers and distributors.

The Professional Telematics division intelligent systems and solutions that contribute to the mobility evolution according to criteria of safety, infomobility and environmental sustainability.

The Telematics & Accessories section markets Satellite Navigation Systems, (of which Route Planner® is the forefather), Autovelox Localization Systems (Coyote®), Satellite Localization Systems and Alarms, as well as products for vehicle safety and comfort. These products are distributed through Networks of Telematics Specialists.

The Elaborazioni 1919 offers a wide range of vehicle customization products featuring high technological content, innovation and style, and aims at providing aficionados products which have made Magneti Marelli a winner in the world  of automotive racing.
 Checkstar Network